Acrylic on Canvas


Wu "W"

Handmade 3D/Wood 33"x33"



Aerosols on Wood, Mixed media 24"x32"


Taino Warrior, AcomaArt

Rasta Lion

Aerosols on Canvas 30"x40"


    On Canvas

All images are original art created by Acoma. For custom orders or questions please visit our contact page or email us at:


Airbrush on Canvas


Mr Marley

Acrylic on Canvas 60"x48"


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Young James

Airbrush on Canvas


Honoring the Veterans

Mixed media on Wood

(Donated to the Veterans CTR of Everett MA)

Taino Indio

Acrylic on Canvas

(For Viewing only)

RZA Rendition

Spraypaint on Canvas 30"x40"


Thelonious Monk

Aibrush on Canvas


The new: Spirit Animal Series

Ray Charles

Airbrush on Canvas

(For Sale, $300)

Celia Cruz Rendition

Airbrush on Canvas