Wooden Feathers. Mahogany and Green Mother of Pearl. 4"1/2x2"1/2  

$50.00 (Necklace Included)

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All images are original art created by Acoma and can all be customized and duplicated upon a payment arrangement. To make arrangements you may visit our contact page or email: acomaart@gmail.com

Cedar wood Feathers with Mother of Pearl 2"x 2"1/2, $35.00 (Includes Necklace)


TREE OF LIFE Handmade/Engraved

Mahogany Wood. By Acoma   $30.00                      

Coqui Frog Pendant on Mahogany and Mother of Pearl. $55.00 (Includes Necklace)

Coconut Carved Earings (very light weight) 2" Sterling silver hooks


Isla Boriken (Puerto Rico) 5"x2"


Indian Head Pendant, Mahogany Wood 3"1/2x3"1/2  $65.00 (Includes Necklace)

Patriots pendant on Mahogany

$50.00 (includes necklace)

Wooden Feathers. Mahogany and Blue Mother of Pearl. 4"1/2x2"1/2  
$50.00 (Necklace Included)