Cedar wood Feathers with Mother of Pearl 2"x 2"1/2, $35.00 (Includes Necklace)

Coconut Carved Earings (very light weight) 2" Sterling silver hooks


Isla Boriken (Puerto Rico) 5"x2"


All images are original art created by Acoma and can all be customized and duplicated upon a payment arrangement. To make arrangements you may visit our contact page or email: acomaart@gmail.com

TREE OF LIFE Handmade/Engraved

Mahogany Wood. By Acoma   $30.00                      

Coqui Frog Pendant on Mahogany and Mother of Pearl. $55.00 (Includes Necklace)

Wooden Feathers. Mahogany and Green Mother of Pearl. 4"1/2x2"1/2  

$50.00 (Necklace Included)

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Wooden Feathers. Mahogany and Blue Mother of Pearl. 4"1/2x2"1/2  
$50.00 (Necklace Included)


Indian Head Pendant, Mahogany Wood 3"1/2x3"1/2  $65.00 (Includes Necklace)

Patriots pendant on Mahogany

$50.00 (includes necklace)